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  • For those of you in a Professional Services environment, how does your company account for your/your teams cost? Is it all in an Ops budget or do they charge back your time spent to individual practices as actual or are they capturing your team’s cost hidden as overhead as part of a pricing calculator or tool? Are you required to submit a weekly t…[Read more]

    • Hi Susan,
      Great questions!

      We do track revenue by individual practices to indicate pipeline by domain, but our costing is part of a pricing calculator on role based rate cards charged to our overall services resource pool budget.

      We also capture timesheets weekly and these include all buckets of time (billable & non-billable).


    • Hi Susan, GRM has an annual budget that includes costs for people (salary), T&E, bonuses and misc. expenses. The GRM budget rolls up to Operations as we sit in the COO’s org. Time is not expensed back to the business. Time reporting is done to track policy time, not so much hours worked as RMs are generally FTE on an annual salary.

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    Hi Jamie,
    I’ve supported proposals in past life where the company I worked for was bidding for a large operations efforts that would require the use of contingent labor. I provided costs and sample resumes and in some cases “Key Personnel” resumes through partners/suppliers. If we didn’t have the skills on the bench, we would acquire them or be…[Read more]

  • Thanks @April & @Maria I work in a PS environment. In addition to soft targets such as individual training we do have KPI related metrics such as billable utilization (or an option to billable util is revenue to plan). Unfortunately, we are not using the Resource Request module on our PSA Tool which gives a timestamp on time to fill, so I am…[Read more]

  • For RDM people managers, what are some good examples of annual performance goals you have set for your team members? Are they a combination of soft goals and KPI driven metrics?

  • For those of you who are part of this group that are in an RMO separate of a PMO, do you partner with your PMO using the Project Resource Management process from the PMI institute? IE, in order to fill a request for a resource the pm needs to 1: Have a plan (hopefully that the customer agrees upon), 2: estimate activity resources 3: Acquire…[Read more]