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    Hi all,
    I’m currently in the process of rolling out a Resource Management Office for our Northern Europe (NEUR) services organization. In our RMO we will have several Resource Brokers working who will be responsible for handling all Resource Requests and Allocations coming towards the RMO from the different countries (6 in total) within NEUR. For those Resource Brokers I want to define a list of KPI’s and Goals as well as a list of minimal tasks they need to execute in their role. Is there someone who can give some examples/guidelines for this?


    • Wim, some information was given in a thread about 5 mos ago, from two of our Advisory Board Members. It was in answer to a question from Susan Thomas. Scroll down to see their comments about objectives and KPIs. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks Debbie. I’ve checked the thread and it gives some good directions already. It would be ideal of course if I could find a Resource Manager in the community who would be willing to share a concrete example of Goals & KPI’s for the Resource Broker role. HEre’s what I have today in pace, but it is to my feeling not concrete, tangible and measurable enough.

        1/ Operational Excellence:
        – Tooling Excellence
        *Monitor the general EUN Resource Request mailbox and manage the Requests for resources on Standard or Custom Portfolio offerings.
        * Time between Request registration and assignment: 4 business hours”
        * Keep central availability/CV database up to date in synch with the Pointnext Resources (availability updates on weekly base, CV updates every 6 months)

        – Resource Coaching
        * Proactively meet with the country Delivery Managers/Team Leaders to feedback on resources utilization, training needs and personal development

        – Proactive, transparant and continuous communication
        * Frequently and proactively communicate, interact and update the resource requestors
        * Proactively setup calls to align and facilitate fast progress of resource request resolution and allocation”

        – Resource Recruitement
        * Facilitate and support screening and interviewing of resource candidates to be recruited as permanent or contractor workforce. * First screening of CV’s

        2/ Business Excellence
        – Utilization optimization
        * Assure optimized utilization and profitability of resources cross EUN Pointnext in close coöperation with the business stakeholders

        – Partnerships
        * Work closely with the business stakeholders, EUN vendor manager and GP to establish and maintain close relationship with the necessary 3rd parties and suppliers.
        * Work closely with the NEUR Subco/Vendor Manager to facilitate smooth and agile subsco engagement following the global GP processes

        – Business Demand Forecasting
        * Participate in the business qualification process early in the sales cycle. Be proactive in getting involved.
        * Work closely with the business stakeholders to understand the business demand (drive Demand Forecasting meetings/calls)
        * Proactively highlight gaps in delivery workforce capacity and cability

        3/ Employee
        – Mandatory training
        * Mandatory trainings 100% completion in time

        – Keep up-to-date development plan “Take ownership of personal development:
        * Keep own development plan updated in workday and drive the defined activities with support from your manager
        * Activities are related to effectiveness in current role and towards next level
        * Activities are related to HPE Pointnext strategy, business and portfolio
        * Add a personal development goal
        * Track goal progress in Workday”