RMI Connect – Sponsor Showcase – Dayshape

Company Description / Overview

Dayshape is AI-powered resource management software for engagement planning and scheduling. With over 30,000 global users across 20 countries, including two of the Big Four, Dayshape is leading the way in resource and engagement management software innovation.

Product Description

Purpose-built resource management software for professional services firms

Dayshape is AI-powered engagement planning and resource management software built from the ground up for professional services firms. Dayshape helps you maintain an optimal workforce and supports your mission: profitability and growth, outstanding client service, and fulfilling careers for your people. Dayshape makes it easy, through assisted and fully automated scheduling, to assign the right person, at the right time, every time.

Dayshape supports firms throughout the entire engagement lifecycle, replacing the need for manual spreadsheets and delivering more value than traditional resource management tools and encompassed “all in one” Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions.

Product Features/Highlights/Benefits

Dayshape is an end-to-end resource management solution that scales and integrates with
the rest of your firm, now and in the future. Product features our clients love:

  • Optimal resource scheduling – Find the best people for your engagements faster. Using suitability scoring you can match the right person with the right job fairly, based on configurable criteria such as availability, grade, location, or skills.
  • Firm-wide visibility – Having firm-wide visibility of staff in one tool allows you to efficiently and flexibly plan across all engagements, improving utilisation and capacity planning. Offering a more transparent, centralised and objective approach to resource planning.
  • Live engagement economics – Plan resources and financials in tandem, in real-time. Dayshape’s unique real-time economics show you the impact of resource schedule changes on revenue, before you confirm any plans. This leads to informed and profitable scheduling decisions.
  • Capacity planning and forecasting – Availability planning reports enable you to understand current and future capacity in your firm, identify any skill shortages, balance resource utilisation to reduce the risk of burnout, and inform the hiring of new staff.
  • Configurable project controls – Build configurable workflows that align to your firm’s way of working, making them as simple or complex as you need. Ensure the right people are notified to review and approve team schedules and engagement budgets before they can be progressed.

Why Choose Dayshape?

We’re transforming how firms tackle engagement planning and resource management with:

  • AI-powered resource scheduling – Dayshape calculates a suitability score for every resource, based on customisable criteria such as grade, skills, and location. This means you can be confident the right people are scheduled on the right engagement.
  • Highly configurable workflows and controls – Dayshape can be tailored to meet your firm’s unique way of working. Configurable workflows can ensure the right people review schedules and budgets before they’re approved, ensuring the highest quality of work. Create automated project controls to flag if engagements aren’t meeting target profit margins and keep profitability on track.
  • Resource management and financials in one place – Dayshape helps you deliver profitable engagements by combining engagement planning and financial information in one place. See the impact scheduling changes will have on financial performance in real-time, before they’re made.
  • People first planning – Dayshape can help you attract and retain talent by giving your teams more influence over their career development. Contribute to fulfilling careers by considering skills and preferences when assigning work in the system. In addition, matching skills to work results in higher quality engagements and provides greater visibility of skill shortages.

How Can Dayshape Help Your Company?

Maximise the potential of your teams
Champion career development and boost retention with a people-centric and objective approach to resourcing decisions.

Remove the noise from scheduling
Gain complete visibility of resources, assign resources optimally, and maximise utilisation and resolve bottlenecks before they occur.

Track engagement performance in real-time
Plan and price engagements to prevent write-offs and maximise profitability with a single source of truth for financials.

Tailored data for better decision making
Reduce manual data wrangling and unify your teams with meaningful insights for accurate planning and forecasting.

Peace of mind that you’re in control
Increase confidence, streamline processes, and maintain consistent quality standards with automated project controls.