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Company Description / Overview

The Mavenlink Industry Cloud for Professional Services™ enables agencies, consultants, and professional services organizations to optimize resources and elevate operational performance to build a thriving business. A resource-first architecture, enables resource managers to field the best team, every time and see up-to-the minute progress against timelines and budgets so projects run smoothly, predictably, and profitably. With Mavenlink’s purpose-built technology services businesses can support clients like never before.

Product Description

Field the Best Team Every Time

Staffing of the right resources (people) to the right projects at the right time is crucial to a professional services organization’s ability to achieve optimal business outcomes. With Mavenlink Resources can be planned across any organizational structure and time period, solving a fundamental barrier to growth, margins, and client success.

Product Features/Highlights/Benefits

  • Analyze Your Advantage – Know every possibility and surface best-fit matches for smarter staffing. Team Builder lets you explore trade-offs:
  • Configure resource recommendations
  • See all your resource pools
  • Evaluate multiple plans simultaneously
  • Understand how adjustments impact performance and profit
  • Plan for Success – Increase your resource utilization effectiveness with powerful planning capabilities. Master Planning makes it easy to:
  • Respond to changes in demand and supply
  • Explore impacts to revenue, margins, and timelines
  • Get optimized resource recommendations
  • Maximize utilization
  • Skills Management – Find the right resources for your projects. Give your team opportunities to develop their capabilities. Skills Adjacency helps you make the match:
  • Align skills with project demands
  • Identify opportunities for development
  • Access skill insights about each team member
  • Full-Confidence Forecasting – Do you have the resources for next month? Next year? Tap into a full suite of forecasting tools to maximize your future-readiness:
  • Plan for possibilities currently in your pipeline
  • Project timing, demands, and profitability
  • Discover areas for ongoing improvement

Why Choose Mavenlink?

  • Fills major functionality gaps in existing horizontal applications that meet general business needs but not services-specific requirements.
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing technology and processes, enabling rapid time to value while improving overall technology ROI.
  • Drives game-changing operational improvements, resulting in measurable growth in financial, project, and client outcomes.
  • Delivers novel strategic and operational insights by aggregating and connecting system-wide data in a proprietary resource-centric data model.
  • Optimizes the talent supply chain by applying powerful technology and algorithms to resourcing needs across organizational boundaries and time.
  • Positioned to solve the last major resource management constraint faced by professional services firms – unbounded access to virtual talent networks.

How Can Mavenlink Help Your Company?

With Mavenlink, staff optimal teams effortlessly, respond to project changes in real-time, and enjoy the benefits of truly understanding operational performance. Do what you do best, only better.

Contact Us:

US: (800) 860-9544; EMEA: +44 (0) 20 3196 4495; APAC: +61 3 7065 1470

Marketing Collateral:

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  2. Guide: The Definitive Guide to Mastering Resource Management