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Company Description / Overview

Founded in 2006, ProductDossier focuses on solving real-world professional services business problems in project, program, and portfolio management through its industry-leading PSA Software TouchBaseTM. ProductDossier has delivered tangible and visible business impact to over 40+ enterprise customers across 20+ countries globally. The team at ProductDossier is on a mission to build and enhance the project management culture for PSA Enterprises.

Product Description

TouchBaseTM PSA Solution is a comprehensive PPM Software that includes Proposal Management, Project Management, Resources, Financials, Procurement, Engineering Data, Quality & Defects, Documentation, Risks & Issues, Analytics, Social Collaboration, and Mobile Access.

TouchBaseTM Resource Management is designed to empower your strategic resource decision-making, manage resources holistically via digitization, perform rigorous resource planning, control resource allocation & tracking, monitor resource utilization & cost optimization, timely effort tracking & client billing by providing one version of resource management truth – to deliver higher profitability.

TouchBaseTM Resource Management for PSA companies is configured for your organizational resource management standards, business processes, and workflows. Further, TouchBaseTM seamlessly integrates with IT applications such as ERPs, CRMs, HRMS, Accounting, etc.

Product Features/Highlights/Benefits

  • Resource demand forecast
  • Skills & Competency analysis
  • Resource planning
  • Resource requests
  • Resource availability analysis
  • Resource cost analysis
  • Resource allocation – soft & hard booking
  • Resource documentation
  • Resource utilization
  • Resource timesheets
  • Resource release
  • Social collaboration and Mobile Access
  • Analytics including Alerts, Notifications, Dashboards, etc.

Why Choose ProductDossier?

  • To ensure alignment of projects and resources prioritization.
  • To optimize the cost of resource management.
  • To ensure ‘zero’ missed billing due to ad hoc resource tracking.
  • To reduce attrition via effective resource management.
  • To enable a single version of your resource management truth.
  • To foster data-driven decisions for faster business value.
  • To increase project profitability.

How Can ProductDossier Help Your Company?

  • Optimize your resources and cost management.
  • Enhance your resource management efficiency via digitization.
  • Bring a sharper focus on resource utilization and productivity.
  • Increase cost control by 1– 5 percentage points.
  • Increase project profitability by 2– 5 percentage points.
  • Help you pursue 1.5x to 2x professional services opportunities.

Contact Us:

Phone: +91-76209 00522; sales@productdossier.com

Marketing Collateral:

  1. Brochure: TouchBase Resource Management
  2. Video: TouchBase Overview