RMI Connect – Sponsor Showcase – Saviom

Company Description / Overview

Saviom is a pioneer and leading global provider of resource management software. Started in 1999, it has successfully completed 21 years in the industry. Saviom works closely with clients, take their feedback, and continuously upgrade the product features that align with their immediate business requirements.

This client-centric culture has enabled Saviom to expand its horizons and help several fortune 500 companies across 50+ countries enhance their profitability and organizational efficiency. Some notable clients include Siemens, Fujitsu, Global Wind Services, DHL, Honeywell, and more.

Product Description

Saviom’s resource management software is a state-of-the-art solution that allows businesses to utilize their resources effectively and efficiently. It is designed for enterprise-grade firms to help them unleash the maximum potential of their workforce with a bird’s eye view of the resource pool along with business demands.

Covering all the aspects from multi-dimensional scheduling to precise forecasting of resource metrics, the software is a single stop solution for all resource management needs.

Product Features/Highlights/Benefits

  • Maintain a single version of truth for the entire resource pool using the real-time enterprise-wide visibility
  • Ensure competent allocation of workforce using multidimensional resource scheduling
  • Analyze and bridge the capacity vs. demand gap in advance using data-driven forecast and capacity planning
  • Ascertain systematic scheduling and planning of pipeline projects, eliminate hiring/firing cycles using proactive resource planning
  • Forecast and maximize productive utilization with intuitive and real-time forecasting
  • Strengthen data-driven decision making by procuring tailored, intuitive reports of various resource metrics using Business Intelligence
  • Streamline resource requesting and minimize internal conflicts with the automated resource requisition workflow
  • Enhance effective bench management with precisely curated people on the bench and vacancy reports
  • Form the best-fit resource plan by performing simulation and modeling using What-if analysis
  • Stay forewarned with the Early warning system and take remedial measures ahead of the curve

Why Choose Saviom?

  • Saviom’s resource management software is highly configurable, expandable, and scalable to align with business needs and ensure sustainability.
  • Businesses can reduce resourcing costs by 10 – 30% and maximize productive utilization by 10 – 20% using the advanced features of the tool.
  • Saviom will help businesses to futureproof their workforce against market volatilities with its futuristic resource capacity planning solution.
  • Saviom seamlessly integrates with already existing legacy systems to avoid double-data entry and minimize redundancy.
  • Saviom is constantly integrating modern technology trends into the software to foster innovation and extend the benefits.
  • The highly responsive customer service provides a seamless, hassle-free experience to the clients.

How Can Saviom Help Your Company?

Since Saviom is the pioneer and market leader in the resource management space, we can become a strategic partner for any business looking for software solution in the same realm. The centralized visibility and real-time updates simplify the complexities of matrixed organizational structure and allow you to leverage shared-services model.

The advanced features of the tool will allow you to improve employee productivity, minimize unplanned attrition, increase the business efficiency, thereby enhancing overall profitability. The configurability of the tool will give you the liberty to customize the software based on your business needs and make the most of it. Moreover, the software will cater to all the resource management challenges and ensure successful delivery of projects.