RMI Newsletters

The RMI eNewsletter is published four times a year (one per quarter). The newsletter provides informative insights covering all areas of resource management, a featured resource management themed article written by an RMCP®, and the Spotlight interview section that asks five questions of a different RMCP® in each publication. Archived newsletters can be found below. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter and become part of this exciting new community of resource and workforce management professionals, click this link and join the RMI today!

  • RMI Newsletter – The Strategic Value of Resource Management

    The strategic value of resource management is becoming increasingly clear, but industry adoption of what is needed to extract real value from resource management is lagging. Read the newsletter.
  • RMI Newsletter – Virtual Team Challenges and Ideas for Improvement

    As resource managers, the resources we manage, as well as our management peers, will continue to work remotely making the need for good virtual management skills imperative. Read the newsletter.
  • RMI Newsletter – Best Practices in Sourcing Human Capital

    A recent RMI study confirmed the growing war for talent noting that 95% of companies report finding talent is a challenge with 35% of companies reporting finding talent was difficult to very difficult. To be fair finding good people has never been easy. To adapt to these challenges, most companies have responded by adopting an ‘all in’ approach when it comes to methods used for locating talent. Read the newsletter.
  • RMI Newsletter – 2019 in Review and the Year Ahead

    It is hard to believe another year has come and gone! For the discipline of Resource Management (RM), the RMI, and its’ members, this past year was certainly one where substantive progress has been made and the stage has been set for an exciting year in 2020! Read the newsletter.
  • RMI Newsletter – Executing your Employee Engagement Strategy

    Important to linking your RM process with the employee engagement process is doing so in a manner where automation enables execution at scale. This requires a collaboration of the RMO, HR and Delivery functions since all have contributing roles and processes to coordinate. Read the newsletter.
  • RMI Newsletter – Making Talent Retention Job #1

    The impact to every business when it comes to finding and retaining talent is undeniable and more challenging than ever. Traditional HR approaches alone are no longer enough. At this time, given the workforce situation compounded with a tight labor market, businesses are very focused on finding creative new approaches to the problem. Read the newsletter.
  • RMI Newsletter – Registration is open for RMGS 2019

    Registration is now open for the second annual Resource Management Global Symposium! The Symposium provides opportunities to learn both fundamentals and advanced practices in Resource Management, collaborate with industry peers, RM process experts and service automation technology providers, and innovate with the very latest in RM research, best practices and technology. Read the newsletter.