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The Resource Management Global Symposium will be comprised of keynote topics, panel sessions, breakouts, and networking opportunities for all those interested in the RM and WFM disciplines. Attendees will Learn both fundamentals and advanced practices in Resource and Workforce Management, have many opportunities to collaborate with industry peers, RM/WFM process experts, and service automation technology providers, and innovate with the very latest in RM/WFM research, best practices, and digital transformation strategies. Symposium content is relevant to any project-based service delivery organization and specifically targeted participants with external customers (e.g. Professional/Consulting Services, Marketing and Creative Agencies, Accounting, Audit, Tax and Advisory firms, and Law firms) and internal customers (Enterprise/IT and Product Development).

April 20, 2023 — Day 1 (CDT)

Enjoy breakfast while networking with Symposium attendees and speakers. Don’t forget to visit our sponsor tables so you can see demos of many products and ask questions of the leading technology vendors.

DESCRIPTION: Resource and workforce management process and technology continue to evolve at a rapid pace, and as human capital-intensive industries realize the many business benefits of investments in RM/WFM, the future is bright! Join us for a look into the future of RM/WFM and how this important business capability will be a major differentiator driving competitive advantage for any human capital-intensive industry.

SPEAKER: Randy Mysliviec, Strategic Advisor, RMI

DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1958, Belcan has become a global technological leader with over 10,000 professionals serving hundreds of customers in over 60 locations worldwide. Belcan recently acquired the RMI as part of its’ strategic acquisition of RTMC. With resource and workforce management growing rapidly as strategic imperatives for a broad range of industries and companies, Belcan has also made resource and workforce management a strategic imperative for its’ internal operations and customers too. During this session, Randy Mysliviec, RMI Strategic Advisor will interview Lance Kwasniewski, Belcan CEO to learn how Belcan views the future of RM/WFM and plans to be the world leader in resource and workforce management capabilities with a laser focus on improving business outcomes for Belcan and Belcan customers.

SPEAKERS: Randy Mysliviec, Strategic Advisor, RMI and Lance Kwasniewski, CEO, Belcan

SPEAKER: Marc Lacroix, Managing Partner, RTMC

SPEAKER: Ryan Childers, Managing Director, RMI

The lunch break provides another opportunity to network and visit our technology vendors.

DESCRIPTION: It is no secret that every company, despite their industry, is engaged in the talent war and have spent countless hours brainstorming the best strategies to win. What you may hear less about is once you win the talent, now what? Each generation in the workforce has their unique characteristics that leadership must pay attention to in order to retain their talent especially the younger generations just embarking on their careers. This presentation shares with you our Future Leaders in Data program and how we are successfully engaging, developing, and retaining early career talent.

SPEAKER: Gretchen Johns, BizOps Data Product Manager, SAIC

DESCRIPTION: Charting a path for professional development and career advancement in resource management can be a twisty journey. All too often, Resource Managers struggle with undefined or underdeveloped growth planning for their roles. Together we will discuss how people managers of RMs can foster an environment of upward mobility and empowerment for their teams.

SPEAKER: Katy Mabbitt, Director, Resource Management Org, Docusign

DESCRIPTION: We will explore the problems and the solutions when developing a real-time resourcing capability, referencing the “client onboarding and product delivery” use-case to highlight how costly data latency and inaccuracy can be. Poor resourcing and capacity analytics typically lead to one or both of the following issues: (1) delayed revenue-recognition due to insufficient staff to deliver products and services or (2) margin erosion due to the inability to re-task existing resources during delays, gaps, and sales-driven deadlines. In this session, learn how “work programming” can lead to: Shorter time to revenue recognition; Better resourcing lead times; More accurate resourcing forecasts; More agile resource balancing to drive better margins; Higher customer satisfaction through accountability and transparency.

SPEAKERS: Mike Psenka, CEO & Founder, Moovila and RJ Milnor, Founder and CEO, People Analytics Partners

DESCRIPTION: As the labor market continues to be challenging, employee engagement is more important than ever. Please join us for a panel discussion with resource management leaders about their experiences and approaches to employee engagement.

MODERATOR: Nick Cochran, Principal Consultant, RTMC

PANELISTS: Frank Craven, Director of Resource Management, Kearney & Company; Todd Jarrard, Resource Manager, Esri; Damen Proffitt, Assistant Vice President – IT Resource Management, The Cincinnati Insurance Company; Christine Thomas, EVP Talent Alignment Group, FORVIS

DESCRIPTION: Join Kimberly Pecket, of Virtual Networx, as she discusses the challenge of employee engagement and cultural fit between these two employment types. How can organizations keep full time employees from feeling anxious, engaged, and not threatened; and how do they mitigate contractors from feeling like an outsider, as a threat, and how do you entice them to covert if the opportunity arises?

SPEAKER: Kimberly Pecket, Director, Contingent Workforce Business Development, Virtual Networx

DESCRIPTION: Resource management is a critical aspect of Professional Services that goes beyond increasing utilization. Effective resource management has the potential to unlock significant benefits such as improved margins, compressed lead times, and valuable business insights. In this presentation, we will explore the keys Resource Managers hold which impact an organizations’ bottom line. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how resource management drives operational efficiency and methods to quantify the economic advantage resource management delivers.

SPEAKER: Christine Clardy, Director of Resource Management, VMware

DESCRIPTION: Diversity matters a great deal in modern workplaces. That’s because equality and diversity in the workplace can lead to better functioning teams, happier employees, and, on top of that, more revenue. Our panelists will share their insights on how RMOs help organizations achieve greater diversity.

MODERATOR: Marc Lacroix, Managing Partner, RTMC

PANELISTS: Andrea Davis, Director, Resource Management, Baker Tilly; Michael Lane, IT Director Resource Management, The Cincinnati Insurance Company

DESCRIPTION: This session will dive into hire for culture first, high touch onboarding, how to challenge, empower, and train your employees. We will cover work-life balance, the need for frequent and valuable interactions, and the need to celebrate and hold our employees accountable.

SPEAKER: Michael Lane, IT Director Resource Management, The Cincinnati Insurance Company

DESCRIPTION: We each face daily opportunities and challenges in this dynamic and ever evolving world. From RMO formation and gaining buy-in to recruiting and hiring the right resource management professionals to addressing cultural resistance and managing change, building a strong RMO is a journey that takes courage and change leadership. Whether you are a team leader or part of the team, each of us impacts the growth and success of the RMO. In this session, we will discuss the tools and change leadership skills needed to contribute to a successful, growing team.

SPEAKER: Christine Thomas, EVP Talent Alignment Group, FORVIS

DESCRIPTION: Adapting strategic delivery at speed requires a real-time understanding of how proposed work will affect talent capacity, financials, interdependencies, and portfolio governance guardrails. This session will review how the SMART™ planning cycle can continuously optimize value delivery flow, adaptability, and talent retention for any hybrid, agile, or waterfall portfolio of work.

SPEAKER: Greg Bailey, Vice President Resource Planning, ProSymmetry

DESCRIPTION: Demand for talented resource managers is on the rise, making resource management a competitive and fast-growing profession. Please join us for a panel discussion with resource management leaders about their insight into understanding the profession of being a resource manager.

MODERATOR: Ryan Childers, Managing Director, RMI

PANELISTS: Katy Mabbitt, Director, Resource Management Org, Docusign; Christine Robinson, Managing Director, Resource Management, Baker Tilly

DESCRIPTION: Learn how AWS’ Professional Services RMO is using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) today to execute organizational strategy decisions overnight (literally!). Attendees will learn how their RMO can use AI/ML to respond with agility to changing business conditions by aligning strategy to staffing solutions while simultaneously driving efficiencies in both the RMO and delivery teams. AWS RMO will share the challenges to standing up an AI/ML solution, lessons learned in overcoming these challenges, and how to transform your Resource Managers into strategic advisors for their stakeholders.

SPEAKERS: Gary Becker, Global RMO Leader, AWS and Francis Defilippis, RMO Insights Leader, AWS

DESCRIPTION: This session will aim to review how to properly leverage technologies of the future to engage your professionals. Further, technology will continue to be pivotal in creating space and time for Resource Managers to focus more of being a strategic partner versus spending too much time sorting and filtering through large, complex reporting. As we look at the RM of the future, it will be important that your RMO is tech enabled to drive revenue, without the hassle and time of ‘report filtering’.

SPEAKER: Andrea Davis, Director, Resource Management, Baker Tilly

DESCRIPTION: There’s been a lot of advances in resource management technology over the last several years to include technologies and capabilities like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Despite these great features, many organizations still fall into the trap of thinking that technology will solve everything and ignoring some key process and/or organizational challenges. Come listen to Wade Little, RTMC’s Technology Leader talk about real keys to success to leveraging technology and overcoming some of these common challenges.

SPEAKER: Wade Little, Partner and Practice Leader, Technology, RTM Consulting

DESCRIPTION: In the face of economic uncertainty, companies are being asked to do more with less. But it can be challenging to get the data you need in order to make informed decisions quickly. Resource professionals are turning to new technologies to gain efficiencies, make smarter decisions, and overcome these challenges. Join this session to learn how organizations are leveraging AI to stay lean and avoid burnout.

SPEAKER: Aldo Chavez, Director of Customer Success, Forecast

Enjoy heavy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails while you network with Sympsoium attendees and visit PSA/PPM/RPM vendors to discuss the benefits of their solutions and digital transformation for you.

April 21, 2023 — Day 2 (CDT)

Enjoy breakfast while networking with Symposium attendees and speakers. Don’t forget to visit our sponsor tables so you can see demos of many products and ask questions of the leading technology vendors.

DESCRIPTION: Resource management, at any scale, requires good technology. Software providers continue to invest in improving the basics of resource management functionality with an eye to providing more strategic capabilities to help RMOs make a difference for their organizations. Our panelists will share their views on trends in the marketplace and potential innovations that impact and benefit resource management.

MODERATOR: Marc Lacroix, Managing Partner, RTMC

PANELISTS: Banoo Behboodi, VP of Advisory Services, Kantata; Richard Cassidy, Chief Commercial Officer, Dayshape; Alison Driscoll, Resourcing SME, ProFinda; and Mike Psenka, CEO & Founder, Moovila

DESCRIPTION: As Resource Managers, it is important to learn about data, processes, and the tools we need to do our jobs effectively, but what sets the great Resource Managers apart from everyone else? In this session, we will explore how soft skills can take us from good to great in the field of Resource Management.

SPEAKER: Nick Cochran, Principal Consultant, RTMC

DESCRIPTION: In this session, Bill Cornfield, President of WSG Systems, will discuss some of the key takeaways from the RMI Skills Tracking and Management research report and why they are important to you, including: (1) How to ensure the data in your skills database, including employee interests, is accurate and current; (2) How to utilize your skills database and employee preferences to schedule your resources more efficiently.

SPEAKER: Bill Cornfield, President, WSG Systems

DESCRIPTION: Staffing isn’t as easy as it looks. One of the goals of RMOs is to use the team optimally, but what happens when it feels like the target is always moving. Our panelist will share how they deal with ever shifting business dynamics and the impacts to staffing.

MODERATOR: Debra Olson, Principal Consultant, RTMC

PANELISTS: David Binnings, Sr. Director, GTM Services Strategy and Operations, DocuSign

DESCRIPTION: During this session we will learn how to interpret the information on changing employment trends to develop a forecast model for your business. Plan to meet the needs for the rest of this year and future years with models that apply the market and ecosystems to your business.

SPEAKER: John Mehrmann, Vice President, Workforce Solutions, Belcan

DESCRIPTION: Busy professionals are experiencing burnout at alarming rates as they navigate competing demands of work, life, and everything in between. In this session, we’ll apply the fundamental principles of Resource Management to everyday routines outside of the office. Join me to learn about the powerful way resource management drives efficiency – with a twist!

SPEAKER: Christine Robinson, Managing Director, Resource Management, Baker Tilly

DESCRIPTION: In her role as Head of Resourcing at KPMG UK, Alison Driscoll was responsible for the staffing of 1.6 million projects per year. Drawing on her decades of practical experience, Alison will explore the relationship between EX & resourcing, the changing remit of the resource manager, the elevation of resourcing to a strategic level, and top tips on how to build a world-class resourcing function. From the latest insights on AI & Skills, to personal reflections and stories, Alison will explore how far resourcing has come, what industry leaders are doing to turn the dial, and where the future of resourcing is headed.

SPEAKER: Alison Driscoll, Resourcing SME, ProFinda

DESCRIPTION: Effective resource management requires highly skilled resource managers. With the demand for talented resource managers on the rise, the industry needs to increase the population of skilled resource managers. Please join us for a panel discussion with resource management leaders about their experiences and approaches to find, onboard, and retain RMs.

MODERATOR: Greg Hensley, Principal Consultant, RTMC

PANELISTS: Christine Clardy, Director, Resource Management – Americas PS, VMware; Jodi Ward, Manager, Resource Management Office, Esri Professional Services