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Learn. Collaborate. Innovate.

Join us at the Resource Management Global Symposium for a highly interactive event comprised of keynote topics, panel sessions, breakouts and networking opportunities for all those interested in the RM discipline. Learn both fundamentals and advanced practices in Resource Management, collaborate with industry peers, RM process experts and service automation technology providers, and innovate with the very latest in RM research, best practices and technology. Symposium content is relevant to any project-based service delivery organization and is specifically targeting participants with external customers (e.g. Professional/Consulting Services and Marketing and Creative Agencies) and internal customers (Enterprise/IT and Product Development). Agenda sessions are being updated daily – please check back for details!

April 28, 2022 — Day 1

DESCRIPTION: This session will focus on the transformation of on-premise Resource Management to Cloud Resource Management and the implications for the Just-in-time resourcing model.
SPEAKER: Teresa Cook, Resource Staffing Manager, Guidewire Software

DESCRIPTION: Implementing Resource Management in a Digital Agency is not easy, and struggles can arise frequently in a project affecting timelines, skills and quality in deliverables. This session will explain how an RMO and its processes were implemented in a digital agency successfully.
SPEAKER: Claudia Moreno, RMO Manager, SweetRush

DESCRIPTION: This session is a case study of Henny Penny putting tools into action only after defining good processes and will talk through examples of enterprise processes automated using Resource Management tools. The real life application is an enterprise process set for both Enterprise IT and Engineering Product Development. Processes include demand planning with project templates, resource staffing requests and the use of a skills database to match resources to demand.
SPEAKER: Bob Blackburn, Project Delivery Manager, Henny Penny

DESCRIPTION: This session will share Long View Systems’ journey to building an RMO from scratch in a highly dynamic growing consulting services organization. During the session we explain the fundamental building blocks and phases to establish an RMO, look back at lessons learned, and cover the journey still ahead. We will also discuss how the Just-in-time resourcing method has helped shape Long View Systems’ RMO and the direction it’s taking.
SPEAKER: Atenea Schaefer, Resourcing Team Lead, Long View Systems

April 29, 2022 — Day 2