RMGS 2024

The RMI held its fifth annual Resource Management Global Symposium on April 23-24, 2024, at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, IN. This year’s symposium was far and away the RMI’s largest symposium and was a tremendous success!  The event featured a dynamic program covering a diverse range of topics that offered attendees a wealth of insight and perspective into modern resource management practices, valuable networking opportunities, and a glimpse into the future of resource management. RMGS not only highlighted the critical importance of resource management in today’s business landscape but also underscored the need for continuous innovation and adaptation in the field.

The symposium opened with a keynote address by the RMI’s Managing Director, Ryan Childers, offering historical perspective on the evolution of resource management over the past 25 years. Childers highlighted the RMI’s playbook for future-ready Resource Management in today’s exciting Expansion Era of Resource Management, defined by RM not only becoming a strategic focus at the C-level but offering opportunities to expand and add value to more areas across our organizations.

Wil Davis, an author and industry leader in organizational culture, followed the opening keynote with a thought-provoking presentation on “Finding Your Noble Why.”  Attendees were encouraged to consider their purpose and how it ties back to their organization and the work that they do every day. 

Among the highlights:

  • Technology Keynote Panel: Day two included a keynote panel comprised of technologists from four industry-leading RM technology providers.  Their discussion focused on harnessing the latest trends in resource management and the integration of artificial intelligence. Panelists noted that for AI to be effective, underlying processes and data must be accurate and reliable. This discussion underscored the importance of foundational accuracy in leveraging advanced technologies.
  • Breakout Sessions: RMGS included 18 breakout sessions led by industry leaders and technology providers.  These sessions offered attendees valuable insights into the latest trends, strategies, and innovations in resource management.
  • Panel Discussions: The event also included a series of moderated panel discussions where panelists shared their experience and perspective on topics that included forecasting, innovations in staffing efficiency, 3rd party management, RM governance and metrics, and career development for RMs.
  • Tech Expo: Attendees were able to interact and learn from a diverse array of technology providers showcasing cutting-edge digital solutions tailored for resource, workforce, and project management in the Tech Expo. Exhibitors provided attendees with firsthand insights into the latest tools and technologies available to enhance resource management practices.
  • RMGS Collaboration Power Hour:  The Collaboration Power Hour was a dynamic new addition to this year’s symposium and a big hit with attendees!  Attendees participated in facilitated table topic discussions to network and learn from each other while exchanging ideas, solutions, and success stories.
  • Networking: One of the highlights of RMGS every year is the opportunity to network and collaborate with industry leaders and peers.  Described by one attendee as feeling like “I’m at a family reunion,” RMGS 2024 provided attendees with even more opportunities for both formal and informal networking.  It was exciting to see attendees taking full advantage of this opportunity!
  • RMGS Reception: The first day of the symposium concluded with a reception for attendees that provided them a chance to network and socialize with peers, share experiences, and explore the Tech Expo in an informal setting. A highlight of the evening was an interactive racing game, fostering camaraderie and a little competition among participants, further strengthening bonds within the resource management community.
  • Interactive Games: Attendees had the opportunity to compete for prizes through scavenger hunt-style games that fostered interaction and connections with technology providers, RMI team members, and more throughout the event.  Jhenelle Tucker-Faust, Tyler Zimske, George Tasie, and Gary Ward came away as the big winners!

The symposium concluded with a closing session that included an interactive town hall discussion and featured the presentation of the inaugural Randy Mysliviec I.M.P.A.C.T. award. This award, presented in the RMI’s Founding Managing Director’s honor, was awarded to Gary Becker, a distinguished professional whose decade-long contributions have exemplified the RMI’s mission of inspiring and motivating resource and workforce management professionals. Gary’s contributions to the RMI community have been instrumental in advancing the field and setting new standards of excellence in resource management.  The event wrapped with a little help from Boomer, the Indiana Pacers mascot.  Boomer burst into the closing session with his infectious energy to help hand out prizes and end with some fun!

From the RMI’s perspective, RMGS 2024 was a resounding success!  Attendees left the symposium with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, armed with practical strategies and insights to drive their organizations forward. The symposium also reinforced the RMI’s commitment to fostering a vibrant, engaged, and forward-thinking resource management community, setting a high bar for future events in this dynamic field. SAVE THE DATE!  At the conclusion of this year’s event, the RMI announced that RMGS will ret