Category 2 PCUs: Formal Education Activities

  • A maximum of 10 PCUs can be earned in this category.
  • Academic Courses:
    • Courses must be offered for degree credit and be related to resource management. One hour of degree credit in a typical 15-week semester earns 5 PCUs.
    • When only a portion of a course relates to resource management, PCUs are calculated on a percentage of the overall curriculum focused on resource management.
    • Each course must be submitted through your RMCP® Dashboard. Course description and syllabus must be provided.
  • Formal PMP Certification Preparation Courses:
    • Course must cover the content required to approach either the CAPM® or PMP® certification exam.
    • 1 PCU may be earned per scheduled hour of the course, up to the maximum of 10 PCUs in this category.