RM Advisory Services

In need of help with your RM initiatives?

RTM Consulting (RTMC), the parent company of the RMI, has been advising clients on the strategy, processes and enabling technology for resource management for nearly two decades. Over this time, they have worked with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 with thousands of team members, to smaller organizations with teams under 50. This includes working with organizations that leverage a variety of delivery models that span consulting, IT services, embedded PS services and enterprise (internal) teams, to name a few.

RTMC helps clients address some of the bigger challenges of resource management:

  • Navigating the RM charter – Is it clear and does it have the support of leadership and the organization?
  • Implementing an RMO for the first time. What is the right design and implementation plan?
  • Accelerating initiatives, such as skills management, resource forecasting, etc. to advance RM maturity and effectiveness. How can you advance to the next level?
  • RM automation – How to get more from your current technology, or what options are available in the marketplace?
  • How to elevate RM and the RMO from an administrative function to become more strategic.

If any of these challenges resonate with you, RTMC can help. 

For more information on RM Advisory Services through RTM Consulting, please visit www.rtmconsulting.net/resource-management or contact the RMI.