White Papers

Resource Management Institute members can take advantage of the RMI’s resource library full of thought leadership content created to help you with best practice execution in resource management. The library includes an array of topics, from how to get your demand forecasting process working to a self-assessment guide to better understand your execution of resource management processes. Click here to log into the library. Not an RMI member? Join today – it’s free!

RMI Survey Series for Resource Management

The Resource Management Institute conducts a series of short research surveys to help professionals compare and contrast their Resource Management operations to their peer groups. The research surveys target project-based industries including professional and consulting services, marketing agencies, accounting, audit, tax, and advisory firms, legal firms, engineering, enterprise/IT organizations, and product development teams. Learn more.

Resource Management Articles

The RMI is the destination for the resource management community to share, collaborate, and learn. We welcome you to submit a helpful resource management article you recently read and want to share. The RMI is interested in thought provoking ideas and information relevant to resource and workforce management. Learn more.

RMI Newsletters

The RMI eNewsletter is published four times a year. The newsletter provides informative insights covering all areas of resource management, a featured resource management themed article written by an RMCP®, and the Spotlight interview section that asks five questions of a different RMCP® in each publication. Learn more.