PCU Submission

PCUs can be submitted throughout the 2 year term of certification or all at once during recertification. Each activity submitted for PCU credit will need to be submitted electronically through your RMCP® Dashboard.

Click below to log into the RMI website and access your RMCP® Dashboard. Please note, first time RMCP® Dashboard users can access the Dashboard User Guide for instructions.

You will need to describe how each activity is related to the RM profession – the RMCP® Resource Center can help. If we cannot tell an activity is RM-related, we may ask you to send more details. In the event we select you for a random audit, be prepared to submit supporting documentation, such as:

    • transcript or grade report indicating a passing mark
    • copies of sample educational materials, course agendas, or publications
    • certificate or evidence of attendance
    • evidence of your work or learning project

Professional Certification Units (PCUs) are categorized in to 3 categories

  • Category 2: Formal Academic Education

      • A maximum of 10 PCUs can be earned in this category.
      • Courses must be offered for degree credit and be related to resource management. One hour of degree credit in a typical 15-week semester earns 5 PCUs.
      • When only a portion of a course relates to resource management, PCUs are calculated on a percentage of the overall curriculum focused on resource management.
      • Each course must be submitted through your RMCP® Dashboard. Course description and syllabus must be provided.
  • Category 3: Professional Activities & Self-Directed Learning

      • A maximum of 5 PCUs can be earned in this category.
      • 1 hour spent on activity = 1 PCU.
      • Writing one white paper as listed below = 2 PCUs.
      • Examples Activities:
        Author or coauthor a resource management focused article of 1,500 words that gets published. Published examples include: relevant industry blogs, LinkedIn Pulse, or the RMI Newsletter.
        Speaker/teacher on resource management topic at a conference, symposium, workshop or formal course.
        Author or coauthor of textbook that pertains to resource management.
        Member or moderator of a resource management panel discussion at a conference symposium, workshop or formal course.
        First time on-the-job experience related to resource management that adds to your knowledge.
        Viewing articles, books, instructional manuals, videos, audio or other material resources.
        Informal activities such as discussions or coaching/mentoring sessions with colleagues, coworkers, clients or consultants.