Recertification Process

Resource Management Certified Professional (RMCP)® Recertification Process

Achieving certification demonstrates that you have mastered the core principles of Resource Management (RM) and that you are committed to your personal and professional development within the discipline. By maintaining your certification, you are showing growth, validating your experience and knowledge, and demonstrating that your RM skills are current and relevant.

Resource management certification is valid for two years
Keep certification status active by retaking certification exam or by earning 20 Professional Certification Units (PCUs) in two years
Failure to fulfill the above requirements results in the certification status being moved to inactive
Once status becomes inactive, you will need to contact the RMI at to regain access to report the 20 PCUs or retake the certification exam
When finished reporting the 20 PCUs, select “Recertify Payment” button
Select green “Register Now” button and pay the $250 recertification fee
PCUs categorized by: RMI-certified activities, formal academic education, professional development and self-directed learning – A list of Category 1: Click here for a list of RMI-Certified PCU activities
The RMI may request supporting information in the event of an audit
Select the green “Register Now” button and pay $450. This includes the $250 recertification fee along with the $200 examination fee.
Proceed to RMCP® Recertification Exam module
Take RMCP® Recertification Exam. Note: there are three chances to pass the exam.

For more information on our Resource Management Certified Professional (RMCP)® program, please download our RMCP® handbook or contact us.