RMI Connect

RMI Connect: The Strategic Value of Resource Management

Resource (and Workforce) Management (RM) across many industries is receiving increased attention as more companies realize the many benefits of better managing supply and demand of human capital. The current pandemic has also disrupted our traditional ways of communicating, collaborating, and delivering services, once again putting the spotlight on the strategic nature of resource management. Since services are the lynchpin for successful IT solutions, the strategic value of RM is becoming increasingly clear, but industry adoption of what is needed to extract real value from RM is lagging.

Given the RMI’s annual Symposium was postponed to 2021, the RMI introduced RMI Connect, a virtual forum focused on examining the strategic value of resource management. Delivered virtually in two 90-minute sessions on September 23-24, RMI Connect identified the strategic value of RM and the investments in process and technology necessary for building and operating a successful approach to Resource and Workforce Management.

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On-demand Sessions:

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

DESCRIPTION: Is resource management a strategic asset for your company? With a typical services team having three-quarters of its cost tied up in people, and services being the lynchpin to delivering a working IT solution, it only makes sense that managing resources (responsible for service delivery) as a strategic effort makes good business sense. But is the industry really tuned into the many strategic benefits of RM, leading to support of needed investments in process and technology to run an efficient and effective RM function?

SPEAKER: Gary Ward, Senior Group Manager, Global RMO, Guidewire Software

SPEAKER: Chris Nakovics, Professional Services Global Resource Management Leader, ServiceNow

Thursday, September 24, 2020

DESCRIPTION: Digital transformation is shifting the thinking of business users from what is essential to what is possible with technology. This session will review what RMOs are doing with their automation, and what are some of the capabilities required to make RMOs more strategic to the organizations they support.

DESCRIPTION: Services automation is advancing rapidly, and Resource Management has been a key area of focus for technology vendors. Given the strategic value Resource Management can bring to an enterprise, software vendors are moving beyond the basics and introducing innovative capabilities for resource management. This panel of leading services automation vendors discusses what the future holds for RM automation and how this will enable RMOs to provide greater strategic value to their stakeholders.
PANELISTS: Jody Koch, Senior Implementation Consultant, KeyedIn Solutions, Mark Robinson, Co-Founder, Kimble Applications, Jared Haleck, SVP of Product, Mavenlink, Rafat Hilal, Director of Product Strategy, Upland Software

Resource Management Global Symposium 2021

The third annual Resource Management Global Symposium will be September 23 – 24, 2021 in Dallas, Texas. The Symposium will have more content rich topics, a broader range of advanced topics for the more experienced resource managers, additional networking opportunities, and access to more PSA/PPM/RPM vendors to discuss the benefits of their solutions for you.

Join us to learn both fundamentals and advanced practices in Resource Management, collaborate with industry peers, RM process experts and service automation technology providers, and innovate with the very latest in RM research, best practices and technology.  Learn more about RMGS 2021!