The Resource Management Certified Professional (RMCP)® program is a first-of-its-kind professional certification program for resource managers.

Execution of various services delivery operations is labor intensive. With cost, quality and predictable project performance becoming increasingly important to service operation success, RMCP® fills a void in the industry by addressing the need for more standardized approaches to the RM discipline. It also provides professional development opportunities for RM professionals.

Both individuals and companies can benefit from the program. See next question.

The program is ideal for:

People who work as or lead Resource Managers or perform RM related tasks
Professional and consulting services, marketing agencies, accounting, audit, tax, and advisory firms, legal firms, engineering, enterprise/IT organizations, and product development teams
Operations or People Managers who need a stronger knowledge of RM
Professionals and companies who want to update their current RM knowledge with industry accepted best practices
People who want to break into the competitive and growing RM profession
People who strive for career advancement
Companies needing to standardize on a proven resource management process

No. The underlying methodology taught in this certification program addresses the need to manage either billable or productive utilization of human capital in any industry. It is applicable to billable resources like consultants and professional services people, but is equally valuable to managing other productive pools of people or shared resources. Examples might be software development teams, Enterprise/IT departments of any type company, product development teams, instructors of training companies and more. The program is also a very good fit anywhere project-based work is being conducted.

Yes. This link will take you to the RMCP® brochure.

This link will take you to a downloadable version of the RMCP® handbook.

Program Benefits

Help you and your company more predictably improve RM results and project performance
Provide an increased arsenal of tools and techniques to facilitate your daily work
Provide for a standardized proven process for resource management for adoption enterprise-wide
Gain access to industry thought leadership and best practices, including the RMI Community – the online venue where resource management professionals can network and collaborate
Increase on-the-job confidence and employee satisfaction
Demonstrate commitment to the RM discipline
Provide professional development and networking opportunities for people dedicated to
the RM discipline


Yes. The requirements are outlined in the RMCP® handbook.

Yes. The RMI offers an Introduction to Resource Management class which you can attend in on-line, classroom, or on-demand formats. Private classes for companies with 10 or more people to train are also available. This link will take you to the Introduction to Resource Management page for more information.


The test is administered online and results are immediate.

Yes. The program guidelines allow up to two retests within a 12 month period.


Two years from the time you pass the exam.

RMCP® professionals recertify every two years by one of two methods:

Retest or;
Demonstrate completion of 20 Professional Certification Units (PCUs)

PCU qualification is explained in the RMCP® handbook available here.