RMI Power UP

RMI Power UP Sessions

    • RMI Power UP is a quarterly educational webinar series covering resource management related topics.
    • RMI Power UP sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes with time for questions and general discussion following the presentation.


Live Session

RMI Power UP – Maximizing Benefit from Your PSA/PPM Tools

Join us Wednesday, June 6 — 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

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As PSA/PPM tools have become more advanced, so has the job of maximizing the benefit derived from a very important business process automation investment. During this Power UP session, the RMI will share actionable insights learned from hundreds of PSA/PPM users on how to maximize the use of your PSA/PPM tool.

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On-Demand Sessions

RMI Power UP – Getting the Forecast Right: Best Practices in Accurate Forecasting for Delivery Resources and Utilization

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As we discussed in the previous Power UP session on capacity planning, getting a good view of the future and a proper interlock with sales/business teams is critical to forecasting. But getting our delivery dependencies in line to support how we plan to align resources with projects and forecast utilization has its’ own set of challenges. Project delays or accelerations, vacations, leaves of absence, training needs and more make the job of forecasting the use of delivery resources a complex challenge. Watch this highly informative session on best practices in accurate forecasting for delivery resources and utilization.

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RMI Power UP – Take the Guesswork Out of Capacity Planning: Best Practices in Forecasting and Capacity Planning

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Effective resource management is all about managing supply and demand. As resource management practices have evolved, most organizations have figured out how to characterize the skills and capabilities of their resources, yet many continue to struggle to proactively define their future resource needs. Whether you are a professional/consulting services provider with external customers, or an enterprise/IT organization with internal customers, having reliable forward-looking visibility into future resource needs and capacity can mean the difference between success and failure. This Power UP session shares best practices that you can employ to better forecast future resource demand and help take the guesswork out of capacity planning.



RMI Power UP – Agile: Implications for Resource Management

Agile approaches to application and solution development and implementation are clearly amongst the most disruptive new trends in the technology industry. Whether you are a professional/consulting services provider with external customers, or an enterprise/IT organization with internal customers, the pressure to leverage Agile is immense. This important trend puts new stress on the already complex job of Resource Management for the project-based business. This Power UP session is a discussion on the implications of Agile for Resource Management and how to adapt your resource management practices for Agile delivery of projects.

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RMI Power UP – Leading Virtual Teams

Resource management is a complex topic and a discipline requiring skills and processes that go well beyond simply managing supply and demand. Resource management is often conducted virtually, and the resources RMOs manage are often comprised of virtual teams. Leading virtually presents some unique challenges. Research shows that 13 of 14 common workplace-relationship problems, such as broken commitments, mistrust, and misrepresentation of information, occur more than twice as often with virtual teams, as opposed to co-located teams. The RMI and Susan Gerke, recognized expert on teaming and co-developer of the ground-breaking GO Team learning curriculum, present this critical Power UP session. Learn specific techniques you can employ to successfully lead your virtual team.

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RMI Power UP – How to Self-assess your Resource Management Readiness

This Power UP session reviews how to self-assess your readiness in Resource Management, and better understand how your execution of resource management processes are contributing to or inhibiting project performance and overall project efficiency. RMI Managing Director Randy Mysliviec presents this highly informative session exclusively from the Resource Management Institute.

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RMI Power UP – In the Cloud: Implications for Resource Management

RMI Advisory Board Member and Resource Management expert Marc Lacroix presented this 30 minute RMI Power UP session focused on the implications cloud solutions have for resource management. The session covered key trends, how these trends are changing the characteristics of project delivery, and the impacts on resource management approaches.

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