Resource Management Institute Publishes Latest Research Report Specific to the Agile Methodology

New Research Survey is the First in the Industry Specific to Implications of the Agile Methodology for Resource Management

Cincinnati, August 14, 2020: The Resource Management Institute, dedicated to the advancement of resource and workforce management thought leadership, has published its latest research report examining the resource management implications of Agile. Research survey input was provided by Professional/Consulting services, Enterprise/IT services, Product Development, and Marketing Agency services executives, resource and project managers, production managers, and resource management office leadership.

Most companies responding to the research survey agreed they need to make more progress on resource management processes supporting Agile and need better automating technology to enable these processes. The research data also showed that Agile is clearly disruptive to resource management operations and therefore better planning and experience are imperative.

“With Agile methods quickly gaining momentum for project-based work, the importance of evolving resource management processes is essential,” said RMI Managing Director Randy Mysliviec. “Our research clearly identified the disruptive effects of Agile on resource management, the need for process transformation, and in general the need for more Agile experience leading to process maturity for both Agile and mixed project methodology environments.”

One of the key takeaways from the research survey results found that a lack of adequate demand forecasting is by far the largest inhibitor to executing resource management effectively in an Agile environment. Interestingly, the data also showed that the number one issue created by Agile, from a resource management point of view, is timeliness of projects given that an intended benefit of using Agile is delivering more timely outputs via smaller iterative sprints. A second major issue created by Agile was the (negative) impact on project budgets.

The Resource Management Institute conducts a series of research surveys to help professionals compare and contrast their resource management operations to their peer groups. This unique and resource management specific research information targets the IT services industry overall including Professional/Consulting services, Enterprise/IT services, Product Development, and Marketing Agencies.

A full copy of the published research report on Agile and Resource Management is available at

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