RMI Expands RMCP® Program to Incorporate Product Development Curriculum

Professional certification program is specifically designed for resource managers, promoting and supporting competency development for resource management professionals

Cincinnati, January 16, 2019: The Resource Management Institute, dedicated to the advancement of resource and workforce management thought leadership, today announced they are expanding the Resource Management Certified Professional (RMCP)® program to include Product Development curriculum that will address the challenges many Product Development departments face including new product project performance failures, quality issues, and under-utilization of staff resulting in unnecessary labor cost.

Growing competition and marketplace change continue to put unprecedented pressure on Product Development departments to rapidly adapt and innovate in every facet of development capability. The RMI identifies deficiencies in resource management as a leading driver of product development failures. Therefore, effectively and efficiently sourcing and managing supply and demand of human resources for Product Development will be the new high-water mark for the industry.

In addition to adding Product Development curriculum to the RMCP® program, Product Development content and support programs will also be incorporated in other membership services such as the RMI’s market research reports, thought-leadership webinar series and white papers.

“The RMI continues to see growing demand from Product Development teams looking to enhance their Resource Management capabilities and address cost, quality and predictability of their product development projects,” said Randy Mysliviec, RMI Managing Director. “RMI best practice research and training programs bring long needed process discipline to Resource Management in these organizations resulting in improved product development outcomes.”

The RMCP® program offers resource management professionals an opportunity to achieve certification by demonstrating proficiency in resource management best practices. The first of its kind certification program fills an industry void bringing a comprehensive professional certification program to meet the needs of companies and resource management professionals around the globe.

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