RMI Survey: IT Service Providers Becoming More Dependent on Tools to Automate Resource Management Functions

Latest research report is the industry’s most in-depth look into the role of automation tools for Resource Management in three different project-based domains

Cincinnati, August 7, 2019: The Resource Management Institute, dedicated to the advancement of resource and workforce management thought leadership, has published its latest research report on Resource Management capabilities in PSA/PPM and stand-alone automation solutions. The report is the industry’s most in-depth look yet into the role of automation tools for Resource Management in Professional/Consulting services, Enterprise/IT services, and Product Development organizations.

According to the research report, users need to focus more on Resource Management process definition and requirements planning before selecting an automation tool and the identification of spreadsheet driven tasks should be an important part of requirements planning to minimize future dependence on a separate automation tool. The RMI also found that software vendors need to improve Resource Management functionality by putting more focus on process support, data analytics and business intelligence to improve operational outcomes and reduce manual effort required to run an effective Resource Management Office.

“This groundbreaking research is helping our membership with their need to find better solutions for the number one reason they buy a PSA or PPM tool – Resource Management,” said RMI Managing Director Randy Mysliviec. “With labor cost still comprising the majority of spend for service providers, resource management processes and the tools to automate those processes will dominate buyer priorities in the PSA and PPM space for the foreseeable future.”

The research included input from 60 different companies from IT services, professional services and product development executives and managers, resource managers and resource management office leadership. A full copy of the published report is available at https://resourcemanagementinstitute.com/rmi-survey/.

This topic will also be addressed at the second annual Resource Management Global Symposium October 9th – 10th at the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas, Texas in a keynote session titled “Technology Perspectives and Futures.” During this interactive keynote and panel session the RMI will explore current Resource Management related capabilities as well as future trends and innovations for automating Resource Management with four leading software vendors in the PSA/PPM space.

For information and to register for the event, visit: https://resourcemanagementinstitute.com/symposium/

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