RMI Connect 2021 is a Wrap

By Randy Mysliviec, Managing Director, RMI

Our second annual RMI Connect virtual event is now one for the history books as we turn our attention to bringing resource management professionals back to Dallas in April for RMGS 2022! While we are now looking forward, I did want to say a little about what we learned at RMI Connect.

Based on demand for the virtual event, we learned that there continues to be growing interest in how to manage resources more efficiently and effectively. RMI Connect created some tremendous opportunities to connect with industry experts, RMO leaders, technology providers and the growing community of resource managers and the service teams they support. We learned more about the intersection of process and technology due to the increasingly data intensive nature of resource management. Last we learned that resource managers and resource management leaders are evolving and getting better at the very real human element to running a top notch RMO.

RMI Connect will be a good spring board for the Symposium in 2022. We are hearing there is pent up demand for the bigger event we are planning, with more resource management intensive knowledge sharing sessions, more tech vendors demonstrating the latest in RM automation technology, and more opportunities to network with your industry peers. If you have successes in resource management you want to share, be on the look-out for our call for speakers coming soon. We hope to see you in Dallas next April!