RMI Connect – Sponsor Showcase – Empire® SUITE

Company Description / Overview

Empire® SUITE combines innovative design, unmatched scalability and the world’s only AI-based automated tax scheduling solution with seamless ERP and HR application integration to provide the ultimate solution for resource management professionals.  Ingenious best match automated scheduling functionality lets managers and schedulers find the best resource for any job based on employee availability, cost, profile information – user skills, industry/client experience and certifications – as well as resource interest in the job itself.  Our applications – relied upon by more 70,000 users worldwide – give firms such as Deloitte, Walt Disney Imagineering, Major League Baseball and dozens of US Accounting firms the tools they rely on to manage their most valuable asset – employee time and talent.

Product Description

Empire® SUITE is a family of seamlessly integrated applications providing resource scheduling, time and expense entry and absence management solutions.   

Product Features/Highlights/Benefits

  • Empire ATS generates tax compliance scheduling options that optimize effort, duration and cost
  • Empire RESOURCE will ‘best match’ your employees to projects based on cost, availability, skills and employee interests
  • View capacity, availability and resource assignments across the entire organization, or by geography, business unit or project portfolio
  • Compare schedules, actuals and forecasts so you know if a project is in trouble before it happens
  • Seamless integration between all the Empire SUITE products ensures timesheets are more accurate and your projects are more likely to be on time and on budget
  • Empire TIME OFF simplifies time off management for users and managers alike
  • Manage time off using the web, mobile devices, email, voice, text and Microsoft Teams

Why Choose Empire® SUITE?

  • Innovation: Empire ATS is the world’s only AI-based automated tax scheduling solution, and our Best Match automated scheduling functionality uses availability, skills, cost and employee interests to find the optimal resources for your projects
  • Expertise: More than 70,000 users in companies large and small rely on Empire SUITE to manage their most valuable assets – employee time and talent, and customer deliverables. 
  • Reputation: Awarded 5 stars by CPA Practice Advisor, Empire SUITE is an industry-leading solution relied upon by companies large and small.  In fact, our customers have scheduled more than 207 million hours and invoiced over $63 billion.
  • Integrations: Seamless, out of the box integration with Microsoft Teams, Wolters Kluwer CCH Axcess™ Practice and IRIS Practice Engine™ make Empire SUITE the obvious choice for accounting and professional services firms

How Can Empire® SUITE Help Your Company?

Through our smart yet simple to use solutions, seamless integration between applications as well as ERP and HR systems, Empire® SUITE by WSG Systems Corp. is a family of leading cloud-based software applications that increase efficiency, speed, effectiveness, and transparency within the critical workflows and processes that keep your business running smoothly, your projects on time, and your employees happy.