On-Demand Webinars

7 Ways to Better Capacity Planning

Effective Capacity Planning is essential to excellence in portfolio management. We all know how complex the balancing act can be, managing a constantly changing mix of projects with available resources with the right skills. According to RMI research, Capacity Planning remains a top priority for Enterprise/IT teams as most indicate they struggle with how to develop consistently reliable plans for managing resources. During this webcast Managing Director Randy Mysliviec shares a 7-step actionable plan to help you develop better capabilities for Capacity Planning.

How to Deliver Project Excellence – Every Time

Running projects on-time, on-budget, with great quality is hard enough – doing it consistently for many consulting firms is illusive! But why is this? Research from the RMI finds that with industry project failure rates running >35%, the #1 reason for project failures is the inability to consistently get the right person in the right place with the right skills at the right moment in time – in short, good resource management is the issue.

The industry, for decades, has invested substantially in project management and quality processes but before making that investment, implementing an efficient resource management process is crucial. Get research management right first, then apply the right PSA tool. During this webcast you will Learn more about: best practices to optimize your resources; improving predictability of project outcomes; how to achieve positive outcomes with better resource utilization.

Secrets to Successful Resource Management

The RMI and KeyedIn Solutions discuss how to improve the overall effectiveness of resource management in your organization. This webcast features Randy Mysliviec, managing director of the Resource Management Institute, and KeyedIn CTO Kevin Hurley, who offers practical insights into how leading PMOs, RMOs, and services teams have leveraged key best practices to achieve outstanding results. Specific topics covered in this webinar include the business impact of effective resource management, common resource management challenges, and the benefits of Just-in-Time Resourcing®.

RMCP®: Professional Certification for Resource Managers

Every services intensive business understands the vast majority of their cost is invested in people. Therefore, highly efficient management of your biggest cost line item just makes good business sense. Recent research makes it clear that while the professional and consulting services industry has invested in process improvements to enhance project performance, quality and cost of delivery, the industry is actually getting worse at Resource Management (RM)!

With labor costs pressures continuing their relentless pace, demand for resource management skills will grow exponentially. This webinar discusses how resource management certification fills a critical industry void that will benefit human capital intensive business immediately. If you want to achieve a high level of proficiency in RM theory and application, and commit to professional development and a career in RM, watch this highly informative webinar.