Market Research

The RMI is dedicated to the advancement of resource and workforce management thought leadership, best practices and standards, globally recognized credentials that certify resource management expertise, and tools and resources necessary for effective and efficient management of human capital intensive businesses.

Through the RMI Survey series we conduct short surveys to help professionals compare and contrast their Resource Management operations to their peer groups. Each survey explores various aspects of running Resource Management operations including, but not limited to, Strategy and Management, Process, Automation Tools, Typical RM Challenges, and the Profession of being an RM or RMO Leader.

Participation in the survey series is open to anyone, visit RMI Survey. Results are available to RMI members only. Not an RMI member? Join today!

Research collected from this survey included topics such as how companies organize their Resource Management Office function, the ratio of RMs to the number of staff that they are planning for, the base/denominator that the RM teams use to calculate utilization, and what the average utilization was in the respondents company.
Research collected from this survey focused on how satisfied respondents are with their PSA/PPM tool, what functions they are using the tool for, how satisfied are they with the RM functionality of their tool, and if they are still maintaining the use of spreadsheets to assist with the management of resources.
Research collected from this survey focused on if respondents have a formal documented process for RM, how they develop their RM processes, how they rate their level of maturity and adoption of RM practices in their organization, how do they train those involved in RM, and their objectives for effective RM.
Research collected from this survey focused on the largest inhibitors respondents have to effective resource management, process support for resource management, current inhibitors in respondents automation support for resource management, and what current automation deficiencies respondents plan on addressing.
Research collected from this survey focused on many dimensions of the RM/RMO leader’s role including how many resource managers are in the respondent’s organizations and how many resources those RMs manage, organizational reporting, training, career planning, compensation and more. This first of its kind survey provides valuable benchmark information for services teams focused on resource management initiatives.

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