RMI Survey: 90 Percent of IT and Professional and Consulting Services Organizations Struggle to Find Qualified Resource Managers

First of its kind survey provides valuable benchmark information for services teams focused on resource management initiatives

Cincinnati, August 15, 2018: The Resource Management Institute, dedicated to the advancement of resource and workforce management thought leadership, has released the results of its latest survey that sheds light on the growing market and demand for professional resource managers. The survey reveals strong competition for this nascent and fast-growing profession that ensures the success of IT initiatives by putting the right people in the right place at the right time.

According to the RMI, more than 90 percent of the nearly 50 professional/consulting services and Enterprise/IT organizations surveyed said they are struggling to find qualified professionals to plan for and coordinate resources for IT. The fast-growing discipline of Resource Management is a services function separate and distinct from the traditional role of human resources.

“On average, more than a third of all IT projects are failing due to poor management of time, costs and quality,” said RMI Managing Director Randy Mysliviec. “The major driver of these project failures is ineffective resource management leaving skills or capacity gaps or both. Resource managers are now mission critical to overall project effectiveness by forecasting capacity and skills mix needs, optimizing project staffing, and governing resource management processes.”

Resource forecasting continues to be a problem for organizations that fail to plan for six months or more. These organizations often come up short with the resources and talent needed to keep internal IT operations running and take advantage of new client demand for project-based service opportunities.

According to the RMI survey, professional resource managers can demand salaries of $91,000 to $111,000 or more. However, experienced resource managers are scarce and opportunities exist for companies to attract the best and brightest via offering competitive compensation, training and career opportunity planning.

This topic and other resource management issues will be addressed at the first annual Resource Management Global Symposium Oct. 3rd – 4th at the Dallas Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Resource management has become the new high-water mark in mission-critical capabilities for running successful projects and achieving excellence in customer service for technology professionals, consulting services teams and Enterprise/IT service organizations. Resource management professionals can join the conference to learn how to get the right person with the right skills in the right place at the right time.

For information and to register for the event, visit: https://resourcemanagementinstitute.com/symposium/

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