Purpose-Built SaaS: The Key to Unlocking the Power Of Resource Management

By Ryan Montano, Director of Product Marketing, Mavenlink

In the world of professional services, every moment and every resource counts. And this is where resource management (RM) plays a critical role in ensuring that team members are used to their fullest potential without burning them out. However, it’s not simply enough to use time-tested resource management strategies in today’s highly competitive market. It also isn’t enough to use outdated resource management software built for another era or those old spreadsheets.

While these old ways may keep teams on track with assignments and moving forward with company demands, they are being quickly outpaced by faster turnaround times, higher client demands, and slimmer project margins. These faster and more flexible ways of working have led to the rise of purpose-built resource management SaaS (software as a service) solutions. But what are the advantages of RM SaaS and why is it here to stay?

The Unique Advantage of SaaS

As a type of technology solution, Software as a Service has been introduced into a wide variety of applications and markets, providing a way of supporting business processes free from major hardware needs and space-limiting downloads. In any of its applications, SaaS provides several unique advantages over traditional software solutions, including:

Continued Innovation: Because SaaS solutions exist within the cloud instead of on installed software, software companies can continuously deploy improvements and bug fixes. This means that SaaS users will not have to install these updates themselves and download time-consuming updates. Instead, they can enjoy a constantly-evolving solution that is filled with industry best practices, while at the same time not interfering on daily tasks and the flow of work.

Collaboration: The best SaaS solutions provide users with the ability to have multiple people edit and work on a document or task at the same time, preventing version conflict and complications through a real-time updated project. This collaboration is at the heart of great resource management SaaS.

Scalability: SaaS solutions, by their nature, are not dependent on the infrastructure of the business using them. Instead, strong SaaS programs can fit a business at any size, allowing organizations to grow or change their structure as necessary without worry of negatively impacting their software’s processes.

Accessibility: Because a SaaS solution isn’t installed on hardware, it isn’t dependent on computer specifications in order to run properly. This means that SaaS users are treated to true accessibility, with these programs able to be run on a wide variety of computers and smartphones.

Time Saving: Not needing to undergo major updates or run programs on your own servers means that both IT and everyday program users can save valuable time in their workdays. With SaaS, users can rely on software providers to ensure a program runs well and instead can focus on crucial, profit-making work

While not every business or every type of professional services role will see a purpose-built SaaS application as absolutely necessary to their success, the advantages are undeniable – faster, more efficient, and flexibility in their unique day-to-day operations.

What Does Purpose-Built Resource Management SaaS Bring To Your Business?

Great resource management lives and breathes through a careful balance of knowledgeable management and flexible work structure. This means that managers will both fully understand the capabilities and limitations of their teams and also be able to respond to sudden changes in project demands.

Purpose-built resource management SaaS provides these insights into the teams that work in the software and also be adaptable to sudden changes. Older resource management software is built on rigid structures that cannot adapt to a modern, faster and more efficient way of doing business and alternative solutions like spreadsheets require massive amounts of work to stay updated, correct, and useful, which often pulls away managers from other critical business issues.

Because resource management SaaS is scalable, collaborative, and accessible to all, users can find support at any moment. And with its focus on continual innovation, the best tools will evolve to meet their users demands and the changes affecting the markets they are used most in. Combined, these critical advantages mean that resource management isn’t just here to stay, it is becoming an irreplaceable part of the future of every business.

Embrace the Future of Resource Management

Success in the world of professional services requires strong resource management, and resource management needs a purpose-built SaaS solution to meet today’s complex and fast demands.

Ryan Montano is a technology professional with a passion for Product Management, Product Marketing, and Product Development. His areas of focus include B2B SaaS, Project Management, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, UI/UX design, and Startup Ventures. Ryan has spent nearly a decade in product development working closely with R&D and marketing teams on long-term strategic planning. This has allowed him to help shape countless key technology features and requirements that capture the essence of product value for clients.