RMI Connect – Sponsor Showcase – Dayshape

Company Description / Overview

We created Dayshape to improve people’s working lives. Dayshape empowers resource managers, supporting your firm’s mission of profitability and growth, outstanding client service, and fulfilling careers for your people.

Dayshape supports centralised resourcing like no other product can. Flexible assisted and automated AI options keep the resource manager in control of a fully optimised workforce, no matter how large, complex, or disruptive the scheduling needs.

Product Features

  • Firm-wide visibility of resources: See availability and forecast capacity to deliver quality client service and optimise utilisation.
  • Make objective resourcing decisions: Capture skills and confidently match the right people to the right jobs, offering better client outcomes and more rewarding careers.
  • Real-time revenue performance tracking: Take proactive action when projects are going off track to maximise margins and realisation.
  • Recruit and retain talent: Eliminate admin from resource management and level out utilisation to avoid burnout.
  • Seamless integrations: Unlock the full power of Dayshape with live billing, timekeeping, projects, and skills data from your enterprise systems.