RMI Newsletter – The Strategic Value of Resource Management

September 2020 | Volume 6, Issue 3

The Strategic Value of Resource Management

Resource (and Workforce) Management (RM) across many industries is receiving increased attention as more companies realize the many benefits of better managing supply and demand of human capital. The current pandemic has also disrupted our traditional ways of communicating, collaborating, and delivering services, once again putting the spotlight on the strategic nature of resource management. Since services are the lynchpin for successful IT solutions, the strategic value of RM is becoming increasingly clear, but industry adoption of what is needed to extract real value from RM is lagging.
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Five Tips for Remote Work Every Resource Manager Should Know

Companies around the world are relying on remote work to keep their businesses running through unprecedented time. Resource managers across all industries are facing new challenges in how to keep their teams productive and their projects on track.
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Optimizing Billable Resources: Q&A With a Resource Manager

Whether you’re new to Project Management, or have been in the business for years, and whether you manage a small team of resources, or a large and geographically dispersed team, there is always something to be gained by hearing how others manage their operations. We all have our ways of doing, but in a business, that requires structure and consistency, nothing should be set in stone.
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RMCP® Spotlight

The RMCP® spotlight shines on Julie Grove this month. Julie is a Resource Deployment Manager at Ellucian. Just try and read Julie’s interview without getting hungry. We don’t think you can.
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New RMCP® Dashboard

For all RMCP®s – have you seen the new RMCP® Dashboard? We have completely automated the way to report and manage PCUs and the RMCP® recertification process. With the Dashboard you can view your info and status, review your PCU history, explore new PCU activities available to assist with the recertification process, report your ongoing PCU activities, and more! Access the new Dashboard through the RMI website and don’t forget to check out the online guide to answer any questions about how to use the new portal.
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RMI Survey: Skills Tracking and Management

This current trends survey will focus on skills tracking and management as a critical gap for the industry as a whole to improve upon and progress. This research also serves as a competitive benchmark for resource management. Take the Survey

RMCP® Program – Fall Schedule

Instructor led online sessions are scheduled to start November 17. Weekly sessions run approximately 2 hours. Online Registration Classroom session is scheduled for November 10 – 12 at our headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. Classroom Registration
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