RMI Newsletter – Virtual Team Challenges and Ideas for Improvement

June 2020 | Volume 6, Issue 2

Virtual Team Challenges and Ideas for Improvement

A recent Forbes article, What Does Covid-19 Mean For The Future Of Work?, stated that over 16 million US workers have transitioned to working from home. That is an incredible number of workers now working virtually and reminded us of the Power UP webinar we hosted a few years back on the challenges of leading virtual teams and ideas for improvement. Covid-19 has and will continue to change how we work. As resource managers, that means the resources we manage, as well as our management peers, will continue to work remotely making the need for good virtual management skills imperative.
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15 Resource Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Resource managers need detailed insights into their team’s performance to make smart, effective decisions, but there are countless potential metrics for a manager to track. While resource management solutions today can track any and all metrics that a manager wants, some of these metrics are more critical to management than others.
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How to Measure Your RMO: Resource Management KPIs

Managing the resources needs of the business, planning availability, and tracking utilization is so important that many companies are now investing in a Resource Management Office capability to work alongside their existing Project Management Office. The function of the RMO is to tackle the challenges related to forecasting, employee engagement, talent management, staff deployment, and more. But how do you measure the work of the RMO?
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RMCP® Spotlight

Our RMCP® spotlight shines on Tony Rose, IT Resource Manager at The Cincinnati Insurance Companies. Check out why one of Tony’s favorite hobbies makes him a super proud Dad as well.
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New RMCP® Dashboard

For all RMCP®s – have you seen the new RMCP® Dashboard? We have completely automated the way to report and manage PCUs and the RMCP® recertification process. With the Dashboard you can view your info and status, review your PCU history, explore new PCU activities available to assist with the recertification process, report your ongoing PCU activities, and more! Access the new Dashboard through the RMI website and don’t forget to check out the online guide to answer any questions about how to use the new portal.
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RMI Survey: Agile and Resource Management

In this first of its kind research on Agile specific to resource management, we will find out just how much Agile is becoming part of the average project mix, the challenges it creates, and some best practices in how resource management is being conducted to better facilitate a mix of project methodologies which include Agile. Take the Survey

RMCP® Program – Summer Schedule

Instructor led online sessions are scheduled to run August 5 – September 9. Weekly sessions run approximately 2 hours. Online Registration Classroom session is scheduled for August 25 – 27 at our headquarters located in Cincinnati, OH. Classroom Registration
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