RMI Hosts the Resource and Workforce Management Community at the Premier Resource Management Conference in the Industry

The 4th Annual Resource Management Global Symposium welcomed attendees from 72 companies to learn both fundamentals and advanced practices in Resource and Workforce Management.

Cincinnati, May 4 2023: The Resource Management Institute (RMI), dedicated to the advancement of resource and workforce management thought leadership, hosted its 4th annual Resource Management Global Symposium in Dallas, Texas, with resource and workforce management professionals from 72 companies in attendance.

This year’s Symposium, with the theme of “Unlocking a World of Resource Management Opportunities,” featured an expanded and enhanced slate of topics recognizing the growing industry maturity and acceptance of strong resource management discipline, and included an advanced track for more experienced resource management professionals. Symposium attendees hailed from professional services and consulting organizations, marketing and creative agencies, accounting, audit, tax, and advisory firms, enterprise/IT organizations, and product development teams.

“Effective resource management can unlock a significant competitive advantage, and we love to see the excitement our Symposium attendees bring to learn, share, and collaborate together on improving resource management processes to drive better business outcomes for their organizations,” said Ryan Childers, Managing Director of the RMI.

Attendees of the Symposium spent two days connecting, learning from one another, and sharing insights during sessions on the importance of effective resource management, implementing technology to support the future of resource management, evolving resource management by using AI/ML, and career growth in the field. The Symposium also highlighted digital resource management transformation and included participation from PSA/PPM/RPM vendors with digital solutions for resource, workforce, and project management.

About Resource Management Institute (RMI)

The Resource Management Institute is dedicated to the advancement of resource and workforce management thought leadership, best practices and standards, globally recognized credentials that certify resource management expertise, and tools and resources necessary for effective and efficient management of human capital intensive businesses. The Resource Management Institute was created to provide the resource and workforce management community a vehicle to advance the discipline of resource and workforce management, and further the interests of the people who make up this community and the companies they work for. Visit us at www.resourcemanagementinstitute.com.